Winter is Coming! 3 Products and Tips for Keeping your Moisture on Lock!

I know most of you probably dread those awful winter months, even though they come equipped with gingerbread lattes, pretty sparkly dresses and the all-important mistletoe (hello, it’s me!). So even though the sweater weather has got us feeling all cuddly and cute, there’s one thing that is NOT cute about winter: you know it, DRY SKIN. Here are some of my favourite products (for a girl on a budget) and some tips on how to use them to get you through this coming winter!

1) The completely under-rated, under-valued, and under-appreciated: VASELINE 

This stuff is LIQUID GOLD for anyone who cares about being soft. If you’re anything like me, your hands crack at anything under 10 degrees. I put some on my hands and feet every night to keep that healthy summer hydration in my skin. If it’s you’re first time using it, use it sparingly! A little goes a long way with this stuff. If you want to add to the hydration you can sleep with socks or mittens on so you know that moisture isn’t going anywhere!  It’s also great as a lip primer under your holiday mistletoe red lipstick, or to dab under your eyes as a concealer primer.

Hint: Vaseline is also key to prevent blisters on ANY shoe (especially pumps and strappy heels)! Dab a bit where a blister could form, and voila, comfy feet. Enjoy your holiday parties peeps!

2) Make sure you get your vitamins with Jamieson (or Life Brand) Vitamin E cream 

vitamin e.JPG

This stuff is as thick as foot cream, and yet, I use it on my face at least once a week, keeping my skin baby soft and plump. It’s great before bed, especially around the eyes. Every time I use it I swear a laugh line disappears. Use your fingernail to just scoop a dab, start with the eyes and then spread it across your entire face.
NOTE: if using this in the mornings, let it sit for a while, then take a cloth and dab it OFF before putting make-up on. Unless you want a shiny/oily face all day — yuk. So, unless you have very dry skin, I recommend using it once a week, and NEVER in the morning.
**Added bonus: besides feeling like an instant botox injection for it’s miraculous (but temporary) wrinkle elimination , it’s also great for clearing up scars! So besides concealer, this stuff is my best friend.

3) Lastly, we present, from down under, and just like the Koala-bears and the sexy accents, WE LOVE IT: Tea Tree Oil 

tea tree oil.jpeg

Ok, so sure, maybe we don’t LOVE the smell, but it’s 100% Aussie, who can say no!? I started using this for my acne, and the scars, but it soon became my daily morning oil routine. Because I don’t like to use moisturizer under my make up (too oily and shiny), I found that this was the perfect compromise for keeping my skin hydrated underneath my foundation. Not to mention, this stuff gets rid of those tiny little black heads, which in turn, means smoother and SOFTER looking and feeling skin!

So there you have it, the 3 products you need for the most hydrated, fresh, and affordable, skin on the planet! Stay tuned for more beauty tips. Thanks for stopping by!

Smiles and Love,

Catherine, xo




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