Reasons Why it’s Totally Okay to Live off Coffee

I’m the type of person who centres her life around her coffee breaks. In fact, coffee is probably my motivation to get through class, to reward myself with whatever latte I’m feeling like afterwards! Now, a lot of people have tried to tell me that coffee was bad for me, and that I need to cut it out to be ‘healthy’. But I could not understand how a drink that brings such wonderful things, could be bad! (Shout out to anyone who got my Ariel reference haha).

So I looked into it, and there are two downfalls to your health when drinking coffee. First, the teeth staining (which we have beautiful technologies to fix that — welcome to the 21st century). Second, the fact that caffeine can increase the hormone cortisol, our stress hormone, which gets in the way of our immune system but not too significantly in the average healthy person. So besides those 2 downfalls, coffee actually has a lot of benefits! We know it’s very important to eat a balanced diet, eat lots of vegetables, get our vitamins and minerals for glow-y skin and shiny hair, but here are some reasons why you shouldn’t sacrifice your miracle drink just yet.


1) Metabolism Boosting

Plain and simple, caffeine boosts your metabolism. It’s like free energy, so a cup in the morning doesn’t only get YOU going, but it gets your metabolism going as well, and can actually help you burn fat! However, this is only short term, once your tolerant to caffeine the fat burning effects will slow down. But your metabolism will still be boosted, so capitalize with workouts and healthy eating for the healthiest you!

2) Mood Boosting

Caffeine increases heart rate (which could be dangerous and lead to high blood pressure, but can actually be helpful for girls since most of us have a low resting heart rate). Increasing heart rate increases the amount of blood circulating in your body, which means more blood to your brain, which means a happier you!

3) You Get Things DONE

The increase in energy and the increased blood flow means that you are primed to get things done! If you’re new to coffee, the jittery feeling may be an annoying side effect, but those jitters disappear quick. So no excuses, go sip some coffee and get your life going!

4) Canceling Cravings

Coffee has become known as the “model diet” in my circle at least, girls drink it when they want to lose weight. I would absolutely NOT recommend this (eat your protein and vegetables and yes carbs, unless you want your hair to fall out and let your brain turn to mush). But there is some truth to this, it’s zero calories (if you drink it black – yuk), and it makes you feel full. If you’re like me and trying to cut out refined sugars, coffee can really help you blunt those cravings!

5) It can help you Identify Psychopaths

Okay, I know it sounds super far fetched, BUT I read in a study that people who prefer the taste of black coffee are more likely to have psychopathic tendency’s (only like 5% of those people, and IT DOESN’T MEAN THEY ARE ONE, so don’t freak out if you or your significant other like black coffee). It has to do with a gene that makes them prefer bitter tasting things, google it if you’re interested! So all I’m saying is better safe than sorry, make your first date brunch.

6) Gets rid of any sleepy/sluggish feelings

So this is where I warn you that I’m about to go nerdy on you. I learned this fun fact in my medicinal chemistry class last year, and it’s stuck with me ever since!

There’s a chemical in your system called Adenosine (think DNA). When Adenosine is working in your brain, it keeps you calm and sleepy. Caffeine actually competitively blocks the action of Adenosine, and thus for short periods of time, will get rid of that sleepy feeling. Hence coffee’s importance in the morning! Although, this reason is why we become dependent on caffeine, and in a way, addicted (yes it’s a very real thing), it’s a price I’m willing to pay for that extra jolt in the morning! And after this blog, I know I’ll never have to give up my morning bliss!

Stay safe and healthy everyone!

Smiles and Love,

Catherine, xo

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