All He Wants for Christmas is YOU (Okay, but what else?)

So pretty much every girl hates Christmas shopping for guys. It’s that constant stress of what does he want/what does he need/what will he like? And let’s be real, we just don’t have time for this internal debate, especially since we don’t even know what WE want! (shout out if you do know what you want — good for you girl). After realizing this terrible paradox,  I asked some of my best guy friends what they want for Christmas this year and I racked up quite an impressive list, that even shocked me! (Shout out to everyone who helped me out, you guys are the best!). Now, remember: Christmas isn’t about the material gifts, it’s about the fuzzy warm feelings, the hot cocoa, and the memories made with those we love!  We know that YOU (and your time) are more than enough when it comes to Christmas gifts, but here are some wrap-able things to put under the tree if you feel like it! Happy Black Friday shopping everyone!

Smiles and Love,
Catherine, xo

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1) Vintage Record Player


So, guys love toys, obviously, and things like this are super cool right now. Even if they don’t have a single vinyl to play on it, it’s a cool decoration for around the house. However, giving a record player that WORKS (go with Crosley if you’re looking for brands) and adding some vinyl’s from his favourite band/artists would be a very cute and personal touch that any guy would love. After all, mint record collections are becoming all the rage!

2) New Gym Clothes/Shoes


So pretty much every guy I asked said they wanted this. It’s a safe bet, and if he goes to the gym (even occasionally), he’s guaranteed to use them! Also, it’s a fun way to propose a gym date! Because everyone knows, couples who train together, stay together. Go burn off that Christmas turkey, get those endorphins flowing and have the happiest Christmas yet,  together!

3) A New Espresso Machine


Okay, I am TOTALLY on board with this present! (If you don’t know why – check out my coffee post). Believe it or not, someone actually told me they wanted this — yeah, call me. This present is literally giving you an excuse to ask for gingerbread lattes WHENEVER YOU WANT. Talk about a present to self. So why not splurge on this? Italian coffee literally oozes romance after all.

4) Timberland Boots


If you’re in Canada like me, you know how necessary good boots are for the winter months, especially to battle the January slush. The good things about this gift is you know he’ll wear them and he’s gonna look super cool on your arm. But beware, these babies cost a pretty penny, so I mean, only get them if you’re SUPER into him.

5) Sweaters

sweaters.jpegWe girls know that you can NEVER have enough sweaters. Not to mention his sweater = your sweater,  so buy him a nice one and once again, present to self. But for real, a nice one for the office or for brunch with your parents would be very appreciated on his end! He knows you like it, and you know he won’t embarrass you in public (well at least with his clothes…).

6) Vacation

palm tree.jpeg

Living in Canada, we know the weather can really get ya down. A friend told me that if he could have anything, he would want a vacation for Christmas. Now I don’t know what kind of budget your on, but if it’s anything like mine (starving student… just kidding my mom buys my groceries) this probably isn’t happening. However, maybe a nearby get-a-way can be fun on a budget. Or you can plan it in advance and it can be your presents to each other! So sweet!

7) Board Games/Puzzles


Ok, I have to confess that no one actually told me they wanted this, but I think it’s such a great idea! Most guys will love this present because they will actually put it to use during the holidays. I can literally see the memories being made now: laughs, comfy PJ’s, hot cocoa, family and friends, and the best games on the planet. Perfect for the guy who says “I don’t want anything material, I just want time with the family”, because now, you’re giving him an added excuse to spend endless hours with the people he loves (think Monopoly for this guy)!

Merry Christmas y’all (I’m from Canada), xo

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