3 Tips to Help You Slay Any Interview

Seeing as the casting call for Miss Universe Canada Western Ontario is today at 1pm at Mezzo restaurant, Windsor (shameless advertising for the event that started my journey!), I figured I would share some of the things I’ve learned on how to succeed in any interview. Getting grilled with questions can be very nerve racking if you’re not prepared or you don’t have the proper mind set. Whether it’s for a job interview, getting into the school of your dreams, or succeeding in a pageant, here are 3 steps to ensure interview success! Happy reading!

1) Know Yourself

This is so important. Know what your favourite colour is, your favourite food, your favourite movie, and even your past experiences (If they ask for: name a time when…). These are the easiest types of questions because it’s all about you! But they can throw you off if you’ve never thought of it before. You don’t want to come across as flaky, unconfident, or unsure, so make sure to have one answer that is your absolute favourite. Feel free to elaborate on why you love it so you’re not just giving one word answers. Make sure to be HONEST! To stand out, don’t just answer based on what you think the judge or interviewer will want to hear. Know yourself, be confident in who you are, and you’re sure to stand out in the crowd!

2) Story Tell

Anytime you answer a question, try to add a personal story or experience. Try not to get too wordy, but adding a short story to your answer will add a very personal, honest, charming, and confident touch! For example, when mentioning your favourite drink, and if you’re like me and answer coffee, you can say a story about how your love for coffee started. For me, I grew up watching my mom every morning make her coffee, and I couldn’t wait to be old enough to drink it. Now whenever I drink it I feel like a mini version of her, and that’s why I love to drink it! See how I took a regular answer like coffee, but turned it into a cute story about who I am: that I love my mom more than anything!


Body language is always very crucial, they say interviewers focus 90% of their attention on non-verbal cues (crazy, I know). Now, probably most important, is eye contact. Look at the interviewer when they ask you the question and also when you answer. This shows uber confidence. If you have trouble with this, look at least at the interviewers face in general. However, try your best to focus on their eyes. It will make the entire interview feel more honest and personal, and surprisingly takes the edge off!

Well there you have it. Follow these 3 simple tips and you are sure to slay every interview you enter into to! Remember that first and foremost, you must be yourself. Not everyone will like every answer you say and that’s okay. When you’re being true to who you are, you will leave the interview feeling good about yourself and your answers, no matter what the outcome! Wishing you all the best of luck in any interview situations you find yourselves in!

With well wishes,
Catherine, xo

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