Best National Costumes for Canada

Alright everyone, so as I mentioned yesterday, I am currently travelling to China to compete in World Miss University on behalf of Canada. Part of the pageant is a national costume! So I figured, why not study all the past Miss Canada costumes for some inspiration. Below are pictures of Miss Canada from various international pageants. Comment and let me know which ones you like, or any new ideas you have. Let me know what you think I should wear! Thanks everyone!
Smiles and Love,
Catherine, xo

1) The very noble, patriotic and peaceful Royal Canadian Mountain Police (RCMP): Riza Santos – Miss Universe Canada 2013


2) The Maple Leaf meets Victoria Secret Angel: Kate Stark – Miss Supranational Canada 2012


3)  The Hockey Player, because it’s our sport, duh: Chanel Beckenlehner – Miss Universe Canada 2014 Canada-2014
4) The Amethyst Crystal: Miriana Valente – Miss Universe Canada 2006

5) Niagara Falls, one of the 7 Natural Wonders of the World HELLO!: Natalie Glebova – Miss Universe 2005

Natalie-Niagra Falls
6) The ‘because-we-love-snow’ costume: Vanessa Fisher – Miss Universe Canada 2004

7) The Rodeo Queen: Ashlea Moor – Miss Earth Canada 2011

rodeo canada.jpg

8) Honouring Aboriginal Canadian Culture: Chelsea Duroche – Miss Universe Canada 2011


9) TO BE DETERMINED : Catherine Valle – World Miss University Canada 2016




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