How to make the Mane, Behave

I often get asked if my hair is real (yes btw) and the question to always follow is how do I keep it long, full, and healthy. Well peeps, hold on to your seats, because I’m about to tell you everything I know. Of course, some of it comes down to genetics (thanks mom!) however, I’ve learned through my friends that there are simple tricks that people just don’t do! So here I am to tell you what to do, follow my tips and be sure to let me know if they help you out!

1) Find the right hairdresser, and do your own research 

The right hair dresser, and ultimately the right cut, is absolutely key to having the best hair. For those with thinner hair, either a shorter cut or layers will help give you max volume. For girls with thicker hair, you can pull off longer cuts but avoid thinning! Razoring hair to thin it out used to be a huge trend, let me tell you don’t do it! It looks and feels great at first, but your hair will look drag in less than 2 weeks. Just add a layer if you need to take off some weight.

2) Avoid the dryness with Coconut Oil 

Coconut oil was mother nature’s way of telling us she feels our pain. All styling (especially straightening) can really dry out your hair! This stuff is great for everything. I try to coconut mask my hair at least once a week. And even when I’m in a rush, I throw some in my hair before a shower. Another perk, is that coconut oil’s chemical compound is too big to enter your pores, so you don’t ever have to worry about a break out!

3) Brush your hair often!

I brush my hair every morning and every night, sometimes even mid day (yes, even when it’s curly). It’s just a nice way of getting rid of dead ends before they can move up and start splitting your hair. It feels good and looks good so why not. Also, your curls will look better when brushed out, ask anyone!

4) Use the right products 

Now, if you’re a girl on a budget like I am, this step can be a little tricky. But here are the products that I found to be the best investments for my hair (Remember, you only need a little!)

Anything by Chi – these products are amazing, thankfully my mom introduced me to this brand when I was little, but they are also the official hair care sponsors of Miss Universe. (Told you my mom was Miss Universe) Anyway, their Helmet Head hairspray is the absolute best

Bio Silk oil – yes, it’s better than Moroccan… I use this every time I wash my hair and every morning. Only use about half-a-dime size, and apply to the ends, your bottle will last forever!

After Party by Bed Head – this cream is the! It smooths hair and stops frizz, I put it in wet hair and dry hair and it always makes the best style (especially when I let my hair airdry)

5) Stop washing so much! 

Those of you who wash your hair every day, STOP! You are absolutely killing your hair game. Invest in a dry shampoo (I prefer the spray by Biosilk or Pantene) and try to go as long as you can without washing! (P.S. The everyday brushes will also help prevent that greasy look)

6) Try to avoid extensions 

Okay, I know, this is like telling a camel to go live in Alaska, but try to avoid permanent extensions if you can. This is simply because extensions will stop your own hair from growing. Of course, wear clip ins when you go out, but stay away from the permanent ones (unless you’re travelling, then go for it, a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do!)

Well there you have it for my haircare tips, I hope they help you! If you know a trick that I missed please comment below and share your knowledge! Also please let me know how these work out for you if you decide to try them!

Cheers to your healthiest hair yet!

Xo, Catherine

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