Attention Boys: How to Slay Valentine’s Day 

Ahh Valentine’s Day, probably one of the most dreaded holidays to ever exist. Well, that is no reason to be a Scrooge about love. Even if bae says she “doesn’t really care” about Valentine’s Day, or “it’s just another day”, SHE IS LYING, and it’s your job to not drop the ball here! So I surveyed some of my friends (shout out to all of you, thanks for the help!), and have come up with a not-so-extensive list of Cupid-approved gift-giving ideas. So I hope you enjoy the post, and I hope you enjoy your Valentine’s Day even more!

– Catherine, xo

Cover photo by @hnicholsillustration



So, the number one answer I received was JUST DON’T FORGET ABOUT IT! lol I mean it’s simple enough, just wake her up with a nice text: Happy Valentine’s Day Beautiful!

2) Cook dinner


Everyone knows that love is all about the effort. So, the more difficult of a meal you cook and the more effort you put in, the more she’ll swoon. Now remember this is relative! Just cook something that’s difficult for YOU to make! Whether it’s a pizza from scratch to a 4-course gourmet meal, you’ll know what you’re girl will be impressed by.

3) Make a playlist of all the songs that remind you of HER!


This is probably the best idea I heard during this survey, even I would swoon. Not only is it a cool way to show her how you feel, but you will also create memories for her. Now she’ll think of YOU when she hears these songs on the radio.

4) Framed picture/collage/memory book


Girls are sentimental, we all know this. Something like this gives them an excuse to keep a picture of the two of you by her bed at all times ;).

5) Pamper her


Almost every girl said they would love a massage. Lets be real, girls spend a lot of time catering to you, it’d be nice for you to pamper her back!

6) Write to her


Use your imagination here. Whether it’s a card, a poem, or even a full on song, write something from your heart to hers. I 100% guarantee she’ll love it!


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