Have Courage and Be Kind – What Disney Princesses have Taught Us

This has to be one of my favourite blog posts of all time. After growing up watching the Disney Princess movies, I feel that they had a large part in  shaping the woman I am today. I have learned that a Princess must be generous, friendly, and kind to everyone she meets. I have learned that who you are on the inside is what matters most. I have learned to have courage to stand up for what I believe in. Read on to see some other lessons I’ve learned, I hope you enjoy reading them! Please comment and share with me any other lessons you’ve learned through any other films!

1) To Value our Family

Almost every Princess teaches us that family is extremely important. We have Belle sacrificing herself for her sick father, Princess Anna fighting for Elsa’s safety, or Mulan going to war for her father. Women can be strong enough to save the ones they love. There are theories that suggest that women are the solution to world poverty. In all, family is worth fighting for, and should always be valued above everything else.

2) We Should Not Compare Ourselves to Others

Jealousy is a recurring theme in the Princess movies, with Cinderella and her step sisters, and Snow White and her Evil Stepmother. We must remember that we were all created uniquely beautiful in our own ways. We are all smart in our own ways, and talented in our own ways. We cannot compare ourselves to others, but compete against ourselves. We must strive to be the best versions of ourselves!

3) It’s Important to Think for Yourself

One of my favourite Disney moments is when Princess Jasmine announces that she is “NOT A PRIZE TO BE WON!”. She had a vision for her future and she was not willing to let others dictate that for her. As a woman, it is important to stand up for what you believe in. Even if people call you stubborn or difficult, you must always stand strong in your beliefs and your passions.

4) Friends are Important, and They Come in All Forms

Friends are really the glue that can keep us together when the world seems to be falling apart around us. We must also remember that friends come in all different forms, as Snow White teaches us, and we should never judge a person by appearances.

5) It is Good to be Passionately Curious

Ariel, Belle, and Pocahontas, all search for a land beyond the one they know. Curiosity is a good thing, and it is important to continually learn and grow. My inner scientist knows that we must question the ‘facts’ that the world hands us, and search for new truths in our world.

6) A Woman Can be Anything She Wants to Be

Mulan is the most perfect example of how determination and hard work can amount to great success. Especially in today’s day in age, we cannot let society tell us what we as women can and cannot do. The reality is that we can do anything we put our minds to!

7) We Must Respect our Planet

“But I know every rock, and tree, and creature, has a life, has a spirit, has a name”. We must not forget that the world was made for us to live, but also made for us to respect. We depend on the earth as much as it depends on us, and it is in our human obligation to take care of it.

8) Dreams Can Come True — You Just Have to Have Courage & Believe

I believe that this quote says it all. So dream big and have the courage to go for them!

With love,
Princess Catherine 😉 xo

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