WMU Day 5: The Great Wall of China & Shanghai! 

Another highlight of my life and one more thing to cross off my bucket list! Today I got to visit the magnificent Great Wall of China, and wow how magnificent it was! It was so much wider, taller, and steeper than I could’ve ever imagined! I must say the Chinese did a very impressive job in ensuring their protection from the Hun!

We walked a few legs of the wall and then off to the airport to catch our flight from Beijing to Shanghai! We just checked in to our amazing Olympic hotel in Shanghai and I have to say I am in love with this city! It might be because it has very strong Toronto vibes: very artsy, urban, and developed. It is warmer here so lots of green, especially in the park by our hotel. Coffee shops on every corner (including a Starbucks! Yay!) and cute little boutiques downtown!
Stay tuned tomorrow to see where my Shanghai adventures take me! Until then, here are some photos from The Great Wall 🙂

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