WMU Day 11: Rehearsals 

Today we started the day with a casual bike ride around the hotel in Xiamen and then spent the afternoon rehearsing! We also got some exciting news, that our final show will be moved to Beijing’s Olympic Theatre! So in a few short days, it is back to Beijing for the final show on the 27th! I will keep you all posted on broadcasters and live streams so you can try to watch back home. After today’s rehearsals, I can tell you it’s going to be a very exciting show!

Until tomorrow! Catherine, xo


Out for a bike ride with the famous Canadian, Denise Garrido! Denise represented Canada at the 26th World Miss University, and has arrived in Xiamen to help us out and host the final show!



Thank you to the Jean Academy in Leamington, Ontario for this amazing dress. Every time I wear it people ask me where it’s from! I’ve felt like Miss Canada since the moment I tried it on, thank you Nat!



At rehearsals with Denise Garrido (26th World Miss University Canada) and Brittany Michalchuk (a fellow Miss Universe Canada alumni who is here with me as the 27th World Miss University Poland!)


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