#ScreenplaySunday – GIA by Jay McInerney & revised by Michael Cristofer

GIA is based on the life and times of America’s first supermodel: Gia Marie Carangi (who really just went by Gia). I chose to review this screenplay this week, because I’m actually performing a scene as Gia in my acting class, so of course I had to learn the entire story to do any kind of justice to who she was! Gia lived an amazing life, and as a result, an amazing movie came of it, which some say was Angelina Jolie’s best work! Enjoy my review below, and as always, feel free to request a review for next week!


Gia’s Voice Over: Because this was a true story I thought it was very creative to have Gia herself opening the film with a voice over: narrating sections of her diary. After all, we are trying to get a glimpse into the life and times of what it was like to be her.

Descriptions of Gia’s Sexuality: Never is Gia described as a lesbian. I’m not even sure she would identify as one, even though she was very much in love with Linda. However the screenwriter would add things like “Gia looks him up and down — the way a guy looks at a girl” to help illustrate her sexuality and complicated identity. As well as in the lines:
Gia: I don’t think a woman is really a woman unless she is blonde you know? 

Interview Scenes: I loved how all the supporting characters gave interview scenes, like it really was a memoir or TV special on Gia’s life. However at the same time the scenes of Gia’s life took place. It added a portion of narration that would’ve been missing otherwise. It helped illustrate how others saw Gia, and showed the audience what an icon she was.

Visuals of Gia’s Craziness: My favourite part of this entire screenplay was how Gia’s attitude was portrayed through actions, the way film should be. When she carves her name into the desk, or smashes the window in Linda’s apartment. Even better when a cop is trying to pull her over and she gets out of the car before he does, and starts telling him to stop chasing her! lol so good.


Not enough from Gia’s Point of View: I suppose since this film was just trying to tell Gia’s story as best as possible, there was only so much that could be done. Although I appreciated the interview portions of supporting characters, I have a craving to just hear from Gia herself. But I guess that’s how a real life tragedy goes, there’s only so much we can know. However, they do redeem themselves in Gia’s voice overs and specifically the closing lines. I personally hope they are right from Gia’s diary:

“Life and Death 
Energy and Peace 
If I stop today
it was still worth it 
Even the terrible mistakes 
that I have made. 
and would have unmade if I could 
the pains that have 
burned me and scared my soul
it was worth it for having been 
allowed to walk where I’ve walked 
which was to hell on earth 
heaven on earth 
back again 
far in between 
through it 
in it 
and above…”


This screenplay was full of amazing lines, scenes, and take home messages. Things that I believe would touch anyone who watches this film. In class I’m doing a dramatic midpoint scene where Gia has a strong confrontation with Linda (Gia’s girlfriend), specifically when drugs are the focus of Gia’s life. However, my favourite scene takes place between Gia and Kathleen (Gia’s mom) in the hospital. (Aren’t those hospital scenes always so juicy? lol). However, regardless, I’m fascinated by Kathleen and Gia’s relationship. It’s a very strange from of any mother daughter relationship I’ve ever seen, and part of what makes her story what it is:FullSizeRender copy.jpg


Overall, I loved this screenplay. I am fascinated by stories based on real people. It’s hard to tell someone’s story authentically through film, especially someone who is passed and never wrote a proper autobiography. For that reason I give mad props to these film makers. In addition, I’m extremely grateful that I now have the opportunity to play Gia in my class! It is true that every character you ever play stays with you for life, but I know that Gia will always hold a very special place in my heart.

Until next time – Catherine, xo

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