World Miss University – CANADA

Hi everyone! I have some of the most exciting news of my life to share with you all! I have been chosen by the Miss Universe Canada Organization to represent Canada in the 27th World Miss University Pageant this coming January for two weeks in Beijing, China! (**to anyone who’s been there, any tips would be greatly appreciated!) I am very excited to get to visit the beautiful country of China, one I’ve always wanted to see! I’m also extremely excited to wear the Canada sash with pride, and to be an ambassador for my country on an international stage! So #TeamValle, welcome back, let the trip of a lifetime begin! Feel free to read on, to hear more about the pageant, and stay tuned for updates on my journey!


Criteria and Competition

The World Miss University pageant was started by the International Association of University Presidents and has been around since 1986 (‘The Year of Peace’ as announced by the United Nations). In the past, it has taken place in South Korea, but this year they are hosting it in China! Each country is to send one female representative who is enrolled in University to compete in the pageant. As most of you know, I am currently pursuing my Masters of Science from Queens University in Aging and Health. So as you can imagine, I’m very excited for a pageant like this!

The pageant has a strong scholarly focus and promotes the message of peace, as aligned with the value system of the United Nations. I am very excited to meet women from around the world that are striving to make a difference and make the world a better place, just like me! Here are the sections of competition:

  • National Costume
  • Talent
  • Evening Wear
  • Forums and Speeches discussing global issues

We will also get to be rehearsing, speaking, and touring the beautiful country of China! And as you can tell by this blog post, I can’t wait!

Current Title Holder

The current title holder is Karina Stephania Martin Jimenez from Mexico.


Past years

Here are some pictures I found of past years of the pageant. Feel free to browse through to get an idea of what I’ll be doing! But don’t worry, I’ll be sure to take LOTS of photos while I’m there on this once in a lifetime experience!

Until then… Smiles and Love, Catherine, xo

university.jpegmilitary.jpegwhite.jpegWMUnational costume.jpgred coat.jpegarmy.jpeggala.jpeg미스월드.jpgcostumes.jpg


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