Safe and Sound!

Hello Canada! 14 hours later I have arrived in Beijing! (Let me point out how amazing it is that I can access my blog from over here!). I had the most amazing flight, an entire bench to myself (with a window!), the yummiest food and treats, and the most amazing flight crew! I even got to take a photo with them after the flight. So Delta, let me tell you, this is a dream team right here! Thank you for getting me to Beijing safely!

Now upon arrival, I was pretty nervous. I was in a completely new country, not to mention I can’t speak a word of any Chinese language! However once through customs I was greeted by a beautiful girl and 2 security officers holding a World Miss University sign saying Welcome to China! I even got a few presents, including flowers (which included my favourite, pink water Lily’s!) and this adorable new winter coat!

Once I arrived at the hotel I was greated by photographers and security guards, which was crazy. I also met Miss South Africa (with the most amazing blonde hair) and Miss Nicaragua (who shares the same national director as me!) right upon arrival. Our hotel is absolutely amazing, we even have our own Chinese buffet. (And yes I would notice lol) I went to eat with Miss Zimbabwe, Georgia, and Singapore!

I also ended this long day with official video interviews to be uploaded on the website on January 14th for voting, official dress photos for the website, and I am currently shooting a workout commercial with 3 other girls! Needless to say this girl is ready for a much deserved sleep!

Smiles and hugs from the other side of the world! Catherine, xo

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