WMU Day 1: Orientation 

Hi everyone! Just so you know Facebook and Instagram are not accessible here in China, thankfully though, my blog still works, and WordPress automatically posts to Facebook for me! So if you want to reach me, please post a comment on here or text/iMessage/whatsapp me!

So about today! Since yesterday was so busy, this morning was pretty chill! More girls have arrived and they got to catch up on official videos.  I was having so much fun because I got to take some gown photos this morning! We also had some group meetings and I got to nap after doing some school work (yes I still have homework lol).

In the afternoon we had orientation and then had a rest period before our opening welcome night! Oh and by the way, (drum roll please), MY ROOMMATE IS: AUSTRALIA!! Her name is Laura Smolej, she is the sweetest girl ever, studying agriculture and from Tazimania! Follow her on Instagram at laurasmolej! (We have a special picture planned, so I won’t post just yet…lol)

Now we ended the day with the welcome event. It was here that we introduced ourselves on stage, ate delicious food, and performed a talent show! We were joined by the participants of World Miss University China, as well as many sponsors and prestigious people, including the chairman of World Miss University. I have to say I feel so blessed to be a part of the WMU family, with such a positive message that we can change the world! I feel so lucky to be making friends from around the globe! This is truly the most amazing experience 🙂 (selfies to come!)

Well, I am off to bed. I want to be in top shape for tomorrow’s rehearsals and the busy days that await me!

Goodnight (or good morning to all of you), Catherine, xo

One thought on “WMU Day 1: Orientation 

  1. Dad says:

    Hi Catherine, hope you’re having a great time in China. Watching some of your posts. Really cool. Be safe and have fun! Love you Catherine, 🙂


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