WMU Day 7: The Sights of Shanghai! 

Today was such a special day. It was our last day in Shanghai, we are off to Xiamen in the morning! We started the day with sponsor visits. My group visited a very impressive clothing company named Semir. They have multiple lines and stores including a children’s Boutique, a casual trend store, and a high fashion boutique. Currently they are only in China, but they are hoping to expand, so hopefully we can find their clothes in Canada one day! They gave us beautiful scarves as a thank you present!

At night we got to go on an AMAZING yacht cruise for a masquerade party to see the beautiful skyline of Shanghai! I am so thankful for the generosity of our sponsors for their hospitality in Shanghai. The company that sponsored our forum, charity auction, and closing party on the largest yacht in Shanghai is an entrapeneural company. Their slogan is “I’m coming!”. This company also flew in Chinese University students from across the country to meet with us and share their ideas. It has been an amazing experience for me. I have learned so much and I am so inspired!

Check out my pics below! Next stop, Xiamen!

Catherine 🙂


Thank you to Franco Angileri for my custom made cocktail dress for the boat cruise in Shanghai! The perfect mix of simple, cute, chique and elegant!



The beautiful boat that was rented out for us for the evening 🙂





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