7 Fun Facts About Australia! 

Ello Mate! So since today was mainly a travel day (from Shanghai to Xiamen) my Beijing roommate, Laura Smolej from Australia, decided to help me with my blog! So today we are going to go through some fun facts you might not have known about down under (I know after meeting Laura that Mary-Kate and Ashley did not do a very good job in “Our Lips are Sealed”). But do not fret, Laura is here to help us out. Good idea eh? Or as Laura would say: you reckon? Haha
Anyways, here are a few fun facts about Laura. She is 20 years old, and is currently studying Agriculture at the University of Tasmania (aka UTAS). Laura has always lived in Tasmania, which is a small island off the main land of Australia, with a population of only half a million people. She competed in Miss Earth Australia, which has brought her to China for World Miss University as Miss Australia. Her favourite hobby is ice (figure) skating. She’s funny cute and all around a great person to hang out with! But she’s taken boys lol.
Now, let’s get to some fun facts about Aussie! I tried to quote her as much as I could, and I hope you find them interesting, I know this Canadian girl did!
Enjoy and “catch ya later!”

Laura and Catherine 🙂

1) The Tasmanian devil is actually a real animal!

In fact, they are currently an endangered species. In the last 10 years a contagious cancer that spreads between Devils devastated the population. The disease is called DFTD, which stands for Devil Facial Tumour Disorder. They are currently trying to find cure. They have been releasing animals into isolated areas but then people end up hitting them with cars which is extremely unfortunate. And baby Devils are apparently the cutest thing ever!

2) McDonald’s is called Macca’s

In Laura’s words “I’m pretty sure Macca’s even calls themselves Macca’s” lol, clearly she’s right!

3) Sydney is not the capital of Australia

Although arguably it’s most famous city, Sydney is not Australia’s capital. In fact the capital is not even Melbourne, or as Laura pronounces “Mel-bun”. The city of Canberra is the capital!

4) “Drop Bears” are not a real thing 


 So I guess Aussie’s try to scare tourists and mention “drop bears” which are koala’s that will just drop on you and attack you on the footpath (aka sidewalk). They’ll try to scare you while bush walking (aka hiking) just to play a mean joke. Well we are here to tell you to not buy that, they’re not real! So bush walk all you want mate!

5) You wear your “Blunnies” to go out

Blunnies are slang for the work boot called Blunstone. According to Laura they’re very popular in Australia. I suppose we could compare them to our Timberland boots. Good style if you ask me. I’d wear them! They even make them for kids! And if they’re following on the UGG trend, they must be super comfy!

6) They make the “Holy Grail of Lipgloss”

Lucas’ Pawpaw Ointment is Laura’s “worst thing to lose”. She uses it as a lipgloss but because it’s an ointment it can be used for anything! Really hoping I can get my hands on one of these in Canada one day!

7) They love sweets!


Now a few Aussie’s I’ve met in Canada have showed me how big of a sweet tooth they can have ;), but Laura introduced me to a few new brands including Red Skins and Tim Tams. She also told me that Vegemite  recently came out with a chocolate flavour, limited edition! (As if they could improve that taste! Just kidding I’ve never actually tried it). As well, the Australian national food, (which was apparently borrowed from New Zealand and never given back) is Pavlova: a giant egg meringue with fruit on top! (Sorry New Zealand!)
Now that I am in Xiamen, I am roommates with Miss Singapore, Pau Teen Lai Apple! Who has been one of my good friends this trip! Stayed tuned for a post from us to come 🙂 xo

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