WMU Day 16: Tonight is the Night! 

Tonight, the 27th World Miss University will be crowned! I apologize for my posting absence over the last few days. Between my homework, rehearsals, and last night’s pre-judging, I haven’t had a moment to spare! But I am very excited for tonight’s show! It will start at 6pm Beijing time, which means 5am for all of you back home. I do not have a link to a live stream, however I was told it will be online after the show, so hopefully we can watch it when I am back 🙂
No matter the outcome of tonight, know that I have done everything I can to be a true Canadian and make you all proud! I have made some amazing friendships here with girls from around the globe, and it has been one of the most enriching experiences of my entire life! The crown could go to any one of these amazing girls and it would be so deserving. 🙂 I am loving China!

Thank you everyone for your continued support throughout this pageant! I am forever grateful for all of your love ❤ Please keep me in your thoughts tonight and let’s rock the stage for Canada! 🇨🇦

Peace and love to you all today and everyday!

Catherine, xo

Forever grateful to be your 27th World Miss University Canada

Ps. thank you to Mecenant News for featuring our pageant in their international magazine, and for the super cool shirt I’m wearing in the picture above 🙂

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