RESULTS: Canada is the 27th WMU Miss Peace! 

Hello Canada! I am so honoured and humbled to say that I am bringing home the title of Miss Peace from the 27th World Miss University Pageant! Throughout our time here in China we spoke about what peace means to us and how we work towards peace on a daily basis. I am so grateful for this award because it goes to the girl with the ability to inspire others to work towards a world where harmony and cooperation are not just dreams, but reality! After meeting 56 other girls that all have such amazing stories to tell, I am the one that has become inspired by them! I must say that I am very blessed that Canada has taught me what peace truly is: tolerance in the presence of adversity, acceptance in the presence of diversity, and unity in the presence of segregation! So although it’s not the main crown, I am very honoured to be bringing this one home to the “true north strong and free!” Go Canada Go!

Thank you to the World Miss University Organization for the most amazing trip in China, one that will be cherished for my entire lifetime! Thank you to my director, Denis Davila, for selecting me to represent Canada internationally and for supporting me throughout this journey. Thank you to all of my coaches, Denise Garrido, Jessica Goncalves, Sonny Borrelli, Chelsae Duroche, Maggy Sonoski, and Lianne Rutgers for offering me guidance and for always looking out for me! Thank you to all of my sponsors, designers, and supporters, specifically Jan Shepley for my national costume and Here Comes The Bride for my gowns and alterations! Thank you to Sandra Esposito and Brenden Steven for helping me with my speeches and getting me prepared to talk about world issues regarding peace. Lastly, and most important, thank you to my amazing family and friends who are always believing in me, supporting me, and helping me to grow into a better person! I love and miss you all ❤

To everyone mentioned above, to everyone reading this, and to anyone who has ever sent a positive thought my way, my success is as much yours as it is mine. Thank you!

Peace is a journey of a thousand miles, but we must be brave enough to take the first steps…

Wishing you all peace, love, and unity. Sincerely, Miss Peace, Catherine 😉


On stage after my crowning moment with MC, friend, and mentor, Denise Garrido!


The beautiful Peace trophy I recieved. A handmade statue of a woman holding a dove in her heart, a symbol of peace 🙂



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